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CFPO Youth Sports

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Welcome to the website for the CFPO Youth Sports League

The CFPO was started by 3 Police Officers over 30 years ago with 4 teams. Last year we had over 80 teams, and this year we will be adding at least 5 more. A team in the CFPO can play for 3 years and never play the same team twice. In each age group there are 20 plus teams divided into 4 divisions. Teams in the 11 man fall season are capped at 25 players so that every player is given time to play. We ask that you take the time to look at our Mission statement from the tab above to learn more about what we stand for.

You can register for Football, Cheer and Basketball by clicking on the registration page above. You have the option of registering online or downloading the registration form and mailing it in.


The CFPO youth Basketball League is now taking registrations for the

 2022 basketball season.


2021 CFPO Super Bowl Winners


Congratulations to our Super Bowl Winners!

MM- Stockdale Brahmas

PW- Lockhart Lions

JR- New Braunfels Red Raiders

SR- Crossroads Kings

ALL Fundraiser Posters Now Due. SuperBowl Hours

We will be located near the main entrance gate to Rattler Stadium Saturday 9am-11am & 1pm-4pm

Sunday we will be there from 10am-3pm

If you still have a fundraiser poster and need to pay for it ($30) or return it this is your last chance to do that in person.

Any exchanges after Sunday will be handled through the mail at an additional cost.

Please intend on stopping by to pick up any misc. items ordered late in the season as well.

All teams have received their fundraiser posters and need to complete the exchange of either the poster money ($30) or poster return.  Please remember, the sale of the poster is not mandatory.  But it is not a "free" poster and  We do need the poster back if not sold.

Thank you

CFPO-PAL TV Coverage of the CFPO Super Bowl Games

CFPO-PAL TV will be covering the Super Bowl Games only on Facebook Live at on November 21st so please be sure to tune in on Sunday for all the Superbowl games being streamed live.  Scheduled game times may vary.

If you have a team in the Superbowl and want us to announce your players on the live stream, please send your roster to  If you send it to the PA announcer just before the game, we may not get it in time before your game.  If you or a company is interested in sponsoring a Superbowl game, please contact Hank Dietert at and we can do a live read or prerecorded commercial (no more than 30 seconds long if you do it prerecorded) twice a game with an image of your company's logo and information on the screen at the time of the live read or commercial. We are limited to 4 sponsors per game.  We had almost 8,000 viewers for all 4 games last year on Facebook.


CFPO Calendar of Events

11/20/21- Saturday Bowl Games. -  firehouse Photos 9am-11am & 1pm-4pm

11/21/21- CFPO Super Bowl Sunday - Firehouse Photos 10am-3pm

12/4/21 - 12/5/21- River City Bowl Select Tournament

12/18/21 - 12/19/21- Holiday Bowl Select Tournament

1/15/22 - 1/16/22- State Championship Tournament


What is your favorite sport?