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CFPO Youth Sports

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Welcome to the website for the CFPO-PAL Youth Sports League

The CFPO-PAL was started by 3 Police Officers over 30 years ago with 4 teams. Last year we had over 80 teams, and this year we will be adding at least 5 more. A team in the CFPO can play for 3 years and never play the same team twice. In each age group there are 20 plus teams divided into 4 divisions. Teams in the 11 man fall season are capped at 25 players so that every player is given time to play. We ask that you take the time to look at our Mission statement from the tab above to learn more about what we stand for.

You can register for Football, Cheer and Basketball by clicking on the registration page above. You have the option of registering online or downloading the registration form and mailing it in.

From all the member of CFPO Youth Sports Thank You!

2018 CFPO Football Playoff Brackets



The 2018 Playoff Brackets are posted below. Please click on the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to find your schedule.


Updated Playoff Brackets

Bowl Game Roster

All teams will be announced at the beginning of the game.

Please put jersey numbers in sequential order.

Please fill out the Bowl Game Roster and email it to:

These need to be sent before Friday.

(there is not a printer available at the stadium)

Please print a copy of the roster and bring it with you, just in case we do not receive your roster.


2018 CFPO Important Dates


11/17/18- CFPO Saturday Bowl Games.

11/18/18- CFPO Superbowl Sunday

All Fundraiser Posters Now Due - Exchange can be done by Mail

Thank you to those who have completed your payment or return of the Fundraiser Poster.  For those still needing to pick up your paid picture packet you will need to mail either the $25 for the poster purchase or the poster and we will promptly mail your picture packet.

Firehouse Photos
PO Box 1612
Buda, TX 78610

  The poster has value must be paid or returned.

We have been at the window every Saturday this season and through the playoffs. 

Coaches Certification

USA Heads Up Certification

Coaches, below is the link for the USA heads Up Certification website. You will need to create a USA football account if you do not already have one. If you do already have one follow this link to log in and get to your personal page where you then take the tackle re-certification. You will need to make sure your account shows you as affiliated with the CFPO organization. This will prevent USA football from attempting to collect registration fees for the tackle certification class. If you are having any problems please contact by email  Remember, our organization name is CFPO (Christian Federation of Police Officers)


Background Check

Next step is the background check information. All coaches are required to fill out this form including any assistant coaches and parents that help on the practice field. The safety and security of our youth participants is CFPO's number one priority. Please click on the link below, fill out the form that comes up and submit. If there are any problems with your background check you will be contacted by a league official directly. Respecting your privacy and security is  important to us.


Thank you for signing up to be a youth football coach for CFPO. Please keep our kids as your number one priority. We respect the time and effort you are putting in to our community and to the children. Be safe, have fun, and good luck.



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