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Summer Track & Field

CFPO Inferno Track Club


We are excited to partner with SMCISD Coaches for our  Summer Track Club!  Track is open to boys and girls ages 8-18, all areas are welcome to participate.   

Participants should subscribe to our communication app - SportsYou and join our group using code: TSAU-MJZC


Practice:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday starting April 22
Practice Location: San Marcos High School from 5-6pm
Training/practices from April 22nd  thru July 18th with USATF Certified Coaches (Level 1&2)

How it Works

Your registration includes paid entry into 5 practice meets and to the USATF Texas Southern Association District Meet.  (see attached calendar)

  • The top 8 finishers in the association meet in each age division and track and field event will advance and qualify to participate in the USATF Region Championship.  Parents are responsible to submit the meet registration payment.


  • The top 5 finishers at the Regional Championship will qualify to compete at the Junior Olympics.  Parents are responsible to submit the meet registration payment.

Registration Information and Important Dates

Option 1-
Registration  fee is $155.00
Registration includes USATF Membership Card plus 5 practice meet registration fees when paid in full.  

Option 2-
Registration fee is $35.00 (includes USATF Membership card)
Choose and pay for the meets you can attend at $30.00 each.

 All Athletes need to be registered by these dates in order to be entered into each track meet.

  • Run The Alamo - May 3rd
  • Spartan's Invitational - May 10th
  • Reckoning Part 2 - May 20th 
  • Comet's - May 29th
  • USATF District - June 10th

USATF Regionals - June 28th - qualifying participants, fees TBD

USATF Junior  Olympics - July 17th - qualifying participants, fees TBD

**Parents will be responsible for transportation to and from out of town meets. **


We Bring the Heat!