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Coaches Corner

Certification Time for CFPO football coaches!

In an effort to expedite our processes and reduce paperwork we have provided our coaches with website links to fill out the following certification necessities: Criminal history background check, The company called Verity is running our background checks. Notice that the Verity link is posted below.

In order to get certified for coaching at CFPO you must attend a CFPO coaches class where we will take a picture for you identification badge. Here at the CFPO coaches class you will pay for the photo id,and  the background check. The USA certification will not be necessary this year.  Once you have attended a class and paid for the background check, you may complete it by selecting the link provided below. If you have any questions or difficulties please call administrator - Stacy Gullion - 512-618-3081

Verity Background Check

Next step is the background check information. All coaches are required to fill out this form including any assistant coaches and parents that help on the practice field. The safety and security of our youth participants is CFPO's number one priority. Please click on the link below, fill out the form that comes up and submit. If there are any problems with your background check you will be contacted by a league official directly. Respecting your privacy and security is  important to us.

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