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What Does CFPO-PAL stand for?

Christian Federation of Police Officers - Police Athletic League

How are the age groups set up for football?

Mighty Might (Flag) 5-6 years old

Pee Wee (Tackle) 7-8 years old

Junior (Tackle) 9-10 years old

Senior (Tackle) 11-12 years old

Players must be the age shown on September 1st to be eligible for the divisions shown.  Example if Johnnie is 8 years old but will be 9 November 22 this year he will play as a Junior. 

Players must be 5 years old this year to be eligible to play.

Players that are 13 years old anytime this year or in the 7th grade are not eligible to play.

Where are your football games played?

All our games are played at Peyton Fields off Hunter road between New Braunfels and San Marcos.

With 80 plus football teams in your league, how do you play all your games each Saturday at one location?

We have developed this efficient process over the twenty plus years we have been playing.  We play at one location (Peyton Fields Off of Hunter road between New Braunfels and San Marcos).  We have 4 fields, 3 full size for the Pee Wee, Junior and Senior teams and one smaller field for the Mighty Mite (flag) teams.  We start at 8:00 in the morning and usually end games up around 6:00 in the evening.  We have lit fields if we need to go into the evening.  We play 10 minute quarters and each game lasts a little over and hour. 

When does the football season begin?

Practice starts the first Monday in August with 2 weeks of conditioning camp (no pads) just conditioning and basic skills are taught to get our new and returning players up to speed and aclimated to the south Texas heat.  During this two week period teams or groups can practice from 3-5 days.  Pads are issued to different teams starting on August 18th and that week is "no contact" to get the players used to wearing gear.  The 4th week (week of Aug 30th) contact starts and our first game is Saturday, September 6th

How long does the football season last?

We start practice August 1st, with the first of seven regular season games played September 6th and the last game played on October 23rd.  Playoffs start October 25th and continue weekly in a tournament format through November 13th.  With the Bowl and Championship games played on the Weekend of November 15th and 16th. 


Are there weight limits for the players in CFPO-PAL football?

CFPO-PAL does not have weight divisions, we are an unlimited weight limit football program.

We believe that the physiology of a kids body at different age groups takes care of itself.  We believe that age is a better way of seperating our athletes than weight.