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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age groups for football?

Mighty Might Flag 5-6 years

Pee Wee 7-8 years

Juniors 9-10 years

Seniors 11-12 years

(age determined by age as of September first of that year)

How many Teams are there in the CFPO?

81 teams:Austin, Buda,  Creedmoor, Geronimo, Kyle, Lockhart, Luling, Marion, New Braunfels, San Marcos, Seguin, Stockdale, Nixon and Smiley

Where do the team's practice?

Each team has a specific location in their home city. Practice locations will be provided by your coach. 

When does the Season Start?

In August we start our conditioning camp for all players new and returning. This camp is designed to get the players adjusted to the heat of South Texas and to give all the players the benefit of taking instruction from all the coaches in the CFPO. First games are scheduled for the Saturday after Labor day in September.

When are the practices?

Individual team practices start in August. Equipment will be issued after the second week of August.

How long are the practices?

Practices usually last 2 hours, however this is up to your head coach.

How many players are on a team?

15 to 25 on the tackle teams and 8-12 on the flag teams

How many coaches are on a team?

1 head coach and 5 assistants

How are the coaches chosen?

Coaches are required to fill out and application and are accepted by the CFPO-PAL. After that process then they must take a certification course, background check and 3-5 hours of classroom training. After that they will be placed on a team.

Can we pick what team our son plays on?

No. CFPO organizations have a drafting process that places kids on teams in their area. Check with your area coordinator for specific details.

How are the players chosen to a team?

In New Braunfels area:After the first two weeks of conditioning camp the new players will participate in a combine so the coaches can evaluate their skills. From that combine the players will go through the draft where the coaches will choose what team they will play on.

In San Marcos area: The last weekend in July coaches attend a draft day meeting. Their players are then selected by them according to a "blind draft system". Each team selects from a stack of registration forms, in their age group, laid face down on the table. First day of practice is the first time coaches meet many of their players.

Do brothers get to be on the same team?

Yes, and brothers in different age groups can play in the same organization if they choose.

Do coaches and sons get to be on the same team?


How much is the registration fee for football?

Pre-registration through June 30th is $120, $95 for each additional child per family

 July 1st the fee goes to $145.

Are there family discounts?

Yes, $145 for the first player, $120 for each additional child per family.

What are the registration fees for flag and cheer?

$60.00 for each, and cheer will require a $120.00 uniform fee. You get to keep the uniform at the end of the season and if it fits the next year you won't need to purchase another

Are there any family discounts for Flag and Cheer?


What does the league provide for the registration fee?

Helmet, Shoulder pads, supplemental insurance, trophy and a jersey that the player gets to keep at the end of the season. As well as a highly trained coaching staff, paid and trained officials, and safe places to practice and play.

What do the players have to provide?

The only thing the player will provide will be pants and cleats. The league will provide you with a coupon to get a discount on anything you buy at Dick's Sporting goods.



If your question has not been answered here please contact your Zone Coordinator on the contacts page.

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