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Contact Us

CFPO Youth Sports provides  safe, fun, and low cost sports to Central Texas and the surrounding areas.  Our coaches and league administrators are volunteers that are trained and certified by the CFPO Youth Sports organization.

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding season or tournament  play, joining the league or volunteer coaching. 

To contact the zone coordinator in your area please visit the Football Advisory board contact page.



Frank Calabrese

CFPO Director of Operations

Phone: (830) 708-1836

Adrian Almendarez

CFPO Football Director

Phone: 210-473-1963

Rhonda Hart

CFPO Cheer Coordinator

Phone: 830-305-5928

Stacy Gullion

Coaches Registration, Background Checks

Phone: 512-618-3081

Tina Gullion

Office Administrator

Phone: 512-781-6350


Area Contacts

Football Advisory Board