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Spring football

6-Man Spring Football


CFPO 6-Man Youth Tackle Football League

2019 SPRING 6-Man Football

  • Registration Fee is $115
  • $20 discount on second child per family.
  • Season goes from March 23rd, thru May 18th.
  • Practice starts first week of March.
  • Age verification is as of September 1st 2018. 
  • There will be a 6U Flag, 8U, 10U,  12U, 13U and 14U (No 9th Graders allowed) 
  • CFPO will provide a game Jersey for all registered players that need these.
  • The League will supply equipment to all players needing a helmet and shoulder pads. The Coach will put a deposit down for equipment. (This will be returned to the Coach when equipment is turned in at end of season.)
  • Teams are welcome to provide their own jerseys, we ask that you let the league know ahead of time so we can coordinate color schemes and prevent excess ordering.
  • Roster size is not to exceed 15 players.
  • All coaches must be certified and pass a background check by CFPO. (fall certification is still valid)
  • All coaches must attend an orientation class will be combined with certification class.

Please contact Adrian Almendarez at 210-473-1963 or Frank Calabrese 830-708-1836  as soon as possible with your information about team age and number of teams being entered into league.


Please note that even if your organization, or your child did not play in the Fall with the CFPO, you are welcome to come join us in the Spring.  We are not limited to CFPO teams only, so if you are interested in playing or bringing a team to our league for six-man, contact Adrian Almendarez at 210-473-1963

This is a great chance for your players to enhance their skills in open-field tackling and other fundamentals of football...especially for those 6th graders that are moving up to 7th grade in the Fall because this will be their last chance to hone in on those skills before their season starts.


Age and eligibility requirements

The age mark for 6 man is - whatever age a player was on September 1st 2018. Players ages 5 and 6 will be Mighty Mite Flag, players ages 7 and 8 will be peewees, players ages 9 and 10 will be juniors, and players ages 11 and 12 will be seniors (7th graders are eligible to play in Seniors) players aged 13 will play 13U, players aged 14 will play 14U. (9th graders are not allowed to play)

Spring Football 6-Man Schedule

2019 Playoff Brackets

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