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CFPO Cheer

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CFPO Cheer is a recreational cheerleading program

What are the ages for cheerleading?
 4-12 years old, birthday must be before Septmeber 1st, through 6th grade 

How many Teams are there in  CFPO Youth Sports?
There are currently cheer squads for the Buda JAGUARS, Hays OUTLAWS,  Lockhart LIONS, Luling EAGLES, Marion BULLDOGS, New Braunfels (TOROS,UNICORNS AND BEARS), Nixon-Smiley MUSTANGS, San Marcos  (RATTLERS and COWBOYS), Seguin MATADORS, South Austin BADGERS, Stockdale BRAHMAS.

When and where do the teams practice?
Each team has a specific location in their home city. Practice locations will be provided by your coach at the equipment draw. Cheer practices begin the second Monday of August

How long are the practices?
Practices usually last 1-2 hours, however this is up to your head coach.

When do games begin?
Games begin Saturday after Labor Day. The season is over in mid November

How are the coaches chosen?
Coaches are required to fill out an application and are accepted by CFPO Youth Sports. After that process then they must take a certification course, background check and 3-5 hours of classroom training. After that they will be placed on a team.

Can we pick what  team our child cheers on?
Not unless a parent is coaching on that Specific team. If a sibling is playing football your daughter will be placed on the coordinating cheer squad. 

How are the players chosen to a squad?
Children are first placed on a squad to coincide with a sibling’s football team. If there is not a sibling playing the child is placed on the squad in their area with the fewest members.

 What are the registration fees and what does the league provide for these fees?
$60.00 and will require a $140.00 uniform fee. You get to keep the uniform at the end of the season and if it fits the next year you won't need to purchase another. Uniform includes shirt, skirt, bloomers and metallic pompoms.

Are there any family discounts for cheerleading?

There are no family, sibling or officer discounts for cheerleading. 

What does the league provide for the registration fee?
Supplemental insurance and trophy or medal.  As well a highly trained coaching staff and safe places to practice and play.

What do the players have to provide?
The only things the player will provide will be ankle socks and white cheer shoes. Bow purchase will be arranged by cheer coaches. 
What are the deadlines for cheerleading?

Registration and uniform fees will be due no later than June 10th. 


Interested in being a Cheer Coach?

Each coach must attend a CFPO certification class, fill out required information for a background check

 - Coaches are issued an ID card with picture that will be taken at their certification class and receive the first Saturday of games

 - all squads are encouraged to participate in competition and perform during CFPO Super Bowl Sunday.  

- squads are allowed 4 coaches to be on the sidelines during games

 - coaches certification class will include CFPO's information on life skills training for youth

 - leaders of each organization are expected to assist CFPO with insuring coaches, parents and players' compliance with all CFPO rules

 - coaches will be required to provide league a verification book for their squad including coaches roster, player roster page and registration form

 - all players that register in your area will be placed on a team in your organization

 - if your organization has more than 1 football team, cheerleaders should be divided into multiple squads if there are enough registrations. One 10-person squad is allowed for each football team in your organization




Rhonda Hart

Rhonda Hart

CFPO-PAL Cheer Director

Phone: 830-305-5928