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Fundraiser Poster Information

 Understanding the Fundraiser Poster Process:

There has been some confusion on the exchange process dealing with fundraiser posters.
A 10x13 picture of your child set in a 16”x 20” frame will be delivered to you the week following the picture date. As we are processing your pictures, we are allowing a week to find a business, relative, friend, etc. to purchase the poster for their business, etc for $30. 
The money is returned in the provided envelope to a Firehouse Photos representative at the CFPO Fields and your ordered pictures will be ready to be exchanged for the poster money. This poster has value and it must be returned if you are unable to sell it. Your ordered pictures will be held until the poster or poster money is returned.
Again, please realize we are asking that you TRY to sell the poster, it is not mandatory. But, for the CFPO-PAL to recoup some of the loss in the poster printing process, we have to have the poster back. This has proven to be a child safe way to help raise money for the CFPO-PAL. Also, the pride in seeing your child’s picture displayed across town is immeasurable.                      Thank you for your understanding,

Firehouse Photos

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