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Junior Standings

Junior North Standings

North Wins Losses Place
Bears 4 0 1st
Oilers 2 2 3rd
Kings 3 1 2nd
Panthers 0 4 5th
Eagles 1 3 4th

Junior South Standings

South Wins Loss Place
Gators 0 4 5th
Unicorns 2 2 3rd
Colts 4 0 1st
Matadors 1 3 4th
Lions 3 1 2nd

Junior East Standings

East Wins Loss Place
Cowboys 2 2 3rd
Outlaws 2 2 4th
Toros 0 4 5th
Badgers 4 0 1st
Bandits Gray 2 2 2nd

Junior West Standings

West Wins Loss Place
Brahmas 3 0 1st
Red Raiders 2 1 2nd
Bandits Red 0 3 4th
Mustangs 1 2 3rd

Tie Breaker for teams with the same record in a district.

If two teams in the same district have the same record... the winner of their head-to-head game will determine the tie breaker.

If 3 teams in the same district have the same record, we will take the point scored/given up differential from the teams with the same record. The team with the highest point differential will be the higher seeded team. The team with the 2nd highest point differential will be the next highest seeded team.

+/- 15 points is the maximum points allowed.

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