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CFPO-PAL TV Coverage of Texas Youth Football State Championship Games

CFPO-PAL TV will be providing live coverage of the CFPO-PAL Texas Youth Football State Championship games in HD.  For a small sponsorship fee of $8.99 (this fee does not include the convenience fee), you will get access to the all the championship games being played on January 7, 2018 from Bobcat Stadium, Jim Wacker Field, San Marcos, Texas.

Payment information will be posted here soon.  Once you make payment, you will be provided with a link to view the game.

This broadcast is protected by U.S. Copyright laws and any distribution, copy or reproduction of this video broadcast is strictly prohibited unless you get written permission from CFPO-PAL or CFPO-PAL TV for use of this video broadcast. This includes the sharing of the link provided by CFPO-PAL or CFPO-PAL TV.



CFPO-PAL TV is expecting to broadcast SUNDAY'S CFPO-PAL BOWL GAMES.  We should be streaming live on the internet so now you and your whole family can listen and watch the game on your smartphone, electronic tablet or computer live no matter where you live.   Simply click on the following link to watch the games.  Go to

If your team made it to a Sunday Bowl Game, please forward your roster to and and please be sure to have your team name, division and the players' roster in numerical order.  However, if you do not email the rosters, then please bring two duplicate rosters to the press box at least 45 minutes before your scheduled game so that both the PA announcer and the broadcaster (two different people) can announce the players on the field and on the broadcast.

We are looking for sponsors for these broadcasts so if you are interested in sponsoring this broadcast or future broadcasts, please contact Hank Dietert at  Your company name and contact information will be scrolled on screen during the game.  In 2015, we had over a 1000 viewers.

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