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CFPO Youth Sports

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The CFPO has reached a milestone in Youth Sports this year by reaching our 30th year!

The CFPO-PAL was started by 3 Police Officers 30 years ago with 4 teams. Last year we had over 80 teams, and this year we will be adding at least 5 more. A team in the CFPO can play for 3 years and never play the same team twice. In each age group there are 20 plus teams divided into 4 divisions. Teams in the 11 man fall season are capped at 25 players so that every player is given time to play. We ask that you take the time to look at our Mission statement from the tab above to learn more about what we stand for.

You can register for football and Cheer by downloading the registration form below and mailing it in, or by going to the registration tab and registering your player online.

From all the member of CFPO-PAL Youth Sports HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and Thank You!

Equipment Turn in for Teams that did not make the playoffs

The following teams will need to turn in their league issued equipment after their game on Saturday, 10/21/17.

SR Bulldogs
SR Oilers
SR Panthers

JR Badgers White
JR Eagles
JR Rams
JR Outlaws
JR Honey Badgers
JR Oilers
JR Bulldogs

PW Honey Badgers
PW Lions
PW Panthers
PW Ravens

2017 Football Schedule

2017 CFPO Playoff Brackets

All Fundraiser Posters Due-Final Week of season

All players fundraiser posters are now due. We have been here each of the last 6 weekends. After this Saturday, our hours through the playoffs will be limited. The poster cost is $25.  The poster does have value and if not purchased must be returned in exchange for your picture packet.  More information is available on the Firehouse Photos tab on the left side of the home page.



Blitz Rule Clarification

In the SR age group, blitzing is allowed.

In the PW/JR age group, you can only blitz between the tackles if the defensive player is in a 3 or 4 point stance. If a LB walks up to the line of scrimmage, he has to put 1 hand on the ground in order to blitz. 

The defensive player does not have to have a hand on the ground to blitz outside of the tackles.

PW/JR/SR- your nose guard can line up on the center. It does not matter if the offense is in shotgun.

Background Check

This link is now restored. 

Select the link below. Fill out and submit the form that pops up.

Call Stacy Gullion for any questions concerns, or problems.



This year we are no longer using promo codes.  Everything including the pricing for the courses are tied to the organization name.  

In order for coaches to receive the $0 certification price, coaches must type in the name of your organization (CFPO-PAL Youth Sports) in the search organization field or in their my profile preferences.  After you sign up or log in and go through the account migration you will be taken to your dashboard to purchase the certification.  You can go online and 

sign up/renew(

 purchase the tackle (re)certification for the 2017 season. 

Contact Stacy Gullion at 512-618-3081 if you have questions or problems getting the certification course.


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